International. Reliable. Payment Solution



Accept payments with best conversion in a suitable currency through cascade of acquirer banks


Safe and quick way to pay out to third parties with several different payment methods


Most popular and convinient International and local payment methods, including e-wallets, and mobile payments

White Label

Start business with multifunctional omnichannel payment gateway under your own brand

Payment software developement

Any type of billing systems for PSP, processing, banks, mobile carriers


Topping up your account and cash withdrawal is fast and easy. Convenient and safe

Multifunctional processing

  • Functional software platform
  • Smart routing for best conversion
  • Multicurrency
  • Payment pages sustomization
  • Flexible user's roles for analitics and managing your payments
  • Trend Data Charts
  • Ability to upload reports in a convenient format

All-in-One payment solution

luna-pay platform is based on a three-level architecture:
- Customer interface
- Processing logic
- Data base

It provides scalability, high flexibility in configuration and ample opportunities for security, fault tolerance and fraud protection.



We provide services to customers with a high level of online payment security. The platform protects the security of your personal data and the payment process. Security is provided at several levels

SSL encryption

All data transmitted during payment is encrypted using SSL encryption. No data you provide on our website can be intercepted, tampered with or distorted by a third party

Password and 2-factor authentication

Login to your Personal Account is possible only after entering your password and a special authentication code that is generated every 10 seconds. Get the password can only the owner of the mobile phone

PCI DSS certified

Payment security is confirmed by the presence of a PCI DSS Level 1 certificate. Regular scanning of the infrastructure ensures reliable retention of payers' data

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