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Payment Processing
Our innovative payment solution leverages a network of acquirer banks in a cascading fashion, enabling you to seamlessly process payments with the best conversion rates available in a range of currencies.
Mass payouts
We offer a secure and expeditious means of disbursing funds to third-party recipients, with a diverse range of payment options at your disposal.
Alternative payments
Our payment platform supports an array of both international and local payment methods, including popular options like e-wallets and mobile payments, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility for our users.
White Label PSP
Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with our versatile omnichannel payment gateway, which can be customized and branded to align with your unique business needs, enabling you to offer a comprehensive suite of payment options to your customers.
Payment software development
Our payment solution can integrate with a diverse range of billing systems, catering to the needs of PSPs, processing entities, banks, and mobile carriers alike, and providing a seamless payment experience for all parties involved.
Payment account
Our payment system offers swift and straightforward options for both topping up your account and withdrawing funds, ensuring maximum convenience and safety for our users.
Our software platform provides a wide range of functionalities, such as intelligent routing for maximizing conversion rates, multicurrency support and customizable payment pages
Multifunctional processing
Multifunctional software platform
Smart routing for better conversion rates
Flexible user roles for analytics performance and payments management
Trend Data Charts
Payment pages customization
Ability to upload reports in convenient formats.
All-in-One payment solution
  • Platform
    Our services prioritize the highest levels of online payment security for our customers. Our platform safeguards both personal data and the payment process through a multi-layered security system that provides protection at various levels.
  • SSL encryption
    To ensure the highest level of security during payment, all data transmitted on our platform is encrypted using SSL encryption. This advanced security measure ensures that any data you provide on our website remains entirely secure and cannot be intercepted, tampered with, or distorted by any third party.
  • Two-factor authentication
    To log in to your Lunapay Account, you are required to enter both your password and a unique authentication code that is generated every 10 seconds. This system provides an extra layer of security ensuring that only the mobile phone owner can access their account.
  • PCI DSS certified
    Our payment solution prioritizes security, as evidenced by our PCI DSS Level 1 certification. Regular infrastructure scans are conducted to ensure the reliable retention of payers' data, further solidifying our commitment to maintaining the highest level of payment security.
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